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DSC_2044_600.jpgAn exceptional block stacking game with all sorts of possibilities! Our version is larger than life, with each of the 51 blocks hand-carved from maple in dimensions including 1-1/4"(thickness) x 2-1/2"(width) x 7-1/2"(length). This colossal game is perfect for any outdoor occasion, especially when friends and family are close by! Camping, a backyard BBQ, birthday party, Saturday afternoon/evening party... these are just a few occasions where gaming may accentuate your entertaining atmosphere!

Bump N Stack is also very well suited for the classroom - where an alternative to computer-based learning is desired. Activity-based learning studies consistently highlight favorable learning outcomes; as a result, we are excited to promote your learning environment with the addition of our Bump N Stack game. Here is a list of just some ideas that will enhance your gaming experience:

  • DSC_1588_600.jpgSocially - customizable statements* on the blocks that engage, i.e. "Social" or "Sing your favorite 80's rock song."

  • Educationally - customizable statements* that aim at meeting or exceeding each respective State's Department of Education Standards or National Education Standards, i.e. Math = varying math facts (3 + 3 = ), Science = Periodic Table (Name this symbol: H and discuss 2 related characteristics), Literacy = spelling and vocabulary words, while asking students to use the respective word in a sentence. The idea here is simple - with an activity-based learning activity like this, students continue to learn while operating in a game-like atmosphere, not fully realizing they are actually discovering math/science/literacy! Great for differentiation - Click here for more detail.

  • Spiritually - customizable statements* that engage fellow believers in any religious setting! Environments that favorably lend themselves include bible studies, confirmation gatherings, retreats, and socials...just to name a few. This is a fun way to introduce and further explore the writings as captured in our holiest of writings.

* When it comes to customizing the statements, you are in control! Simply use a dry erase marker and your imagination!! Also, when setting-up Bump N Stack, we recommend doing so on a surface that is able to absorb the impact of falling wood blocks, e.g. grass or carpet.

For additional information, see Game Guidelines