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About Us


Here at Gamefeller®, we always look for ways to celebrate the lives of our friends and family.  This is really the drive behind the creation of Gamefeller® - with the sudden loss of my wife back in October 2007 due to a pulmonary embolism.  At the time, our kids, Emilee and Josh, were 6 and 4, respectively.  Over the next four years, I dedicated my time with volunteering in the kids’ classrooms, which I truly enjoyed.

Work/play/me…I had to find a way to have fun again while at the same time remembering those like Jen that have passed way too soon!!  We started by pulling-together photos of us and creating collages on our bean bag (cornhole) and cribbage boards.  Each and every time we get these boards out to play, we talk about the pictures and really celebrate the memories these images evoke. Then it's on to playing these really fun games with family and friends.

When you are ready, please reach out to me and we can collaborate on your custom, personalized set of cornhole and/or cribbage boards; my contact information is:

Cell: 952-412-7950